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Collection Mayrink Veiga Radio Broadcast Equipaments

All this heritage was preserved with love and care for future generations, making the most beautiful living and promising era in the history of Radio in Brazil, Once destroyed, abandoned, looted and even sold for irons-old now, fortunately, the memory of the radio Veiga and National Mayrink exist fato.Têm name, body and identity so that future generations can study it, understand it and preserve it.
I spent years of my life rebuilding, restoring and recovering the pieces of this collection that depicts part of the Glorious History of Radio Broadcasting in our country
Now I am sure that all my effort was not in vain, for finally Mayrink Veiga radio and part of the National Radio found a refuge of the highest cultural level. Today we are pleased to inform the Brazilian people that the entire collection is housed and constantly maintained at the Instituto Cultural Albim Carnation. Thanks to the wisdom, passion and dedication for histótia radio and popular music of the Brazilian Journalist and deep knowledge of our musical culture, worthy Dr. Ricardo Cravo Albin, realizing how much this collection means for the culture of our country, took the attitude of shelter him in his Instituto Cultural. That way we can all, after a visit scheduled in advance, knowing what it was like the old studio of Radio broadcasting Maytink Veiga.
It is with deep satisfaction and pride that I come to Marcos Machado thank Dr. Ricardo Cravo Albin, who despite not having money and space to keep equipment from Radio Mayrink Veiga in their Intituto took this bold initiative and autuístra to maintain the equipment, invaluable in their cultural space in San Sebastian Avenue # 2, Urca, in Rio de Janeiro.
After spending long periods working to restore and retrieve the equipment from radios Mayrink Veiga and the National Party, which had a cost in time and capital, depriving me of other investments that could bring me more financial satisfaction, now I'm done by have found the honorable Dr. Cravo Albin, the only one to believe that it is culture that makes us stronger and will lead to success as a nation.

Congratulations Dr. Ricardo Cravo Albin!I thank the Brazilian people and their stubborn and courageous initiation:Erquer the banner of Culture, where others have surrendered to their own interests and benefits.


   Rescuing the collection and the "History of the Age of Radio" in Rio de Janeiro. Rescuing the acquis and the "History of the Age of Radio"

I grew up in a family history of the precursor of radio transmission in Brazil.My father, one of the first amateur to communicate with other continents, along with my grandfather Hygino Oswaldo Miranda brought new ideas to old tube transmitting devices in the Golden Era of radio in our country
In 1959, when I was six years old, my father and my grandfather took me to meet a junkyard in Cascadura in the north of Rio de Janeiro.
I was fascinated by that mountain of devices and vacuum tubes, scattered all over the huge open-air shed.
It was just that day discovered a priceless treasure in the midst of dozens of BC-348 radios used by the army in North American B-17 aircraft and several other bombers during the second world war.
Beneath a huge pile of old appliances they found, crushed and left to sort of open, transmitters and equipment that belonged to extinct radioMayrink Veiga.
I clearly remember the grandeur of the transmitters, which then looked like huge towers in front of my vision of the child.
After long negotiations they were able to buy parts and put the truck in 1952 my grandfather, with a wide body. These devices were recovered and used internally by them until 1972, a time when my grandfather died.
In 1985 my grandfather's house in the neighborhood Lins de Vasconcelos, was sold and my father took all the equipment for your shop that stood on the same street.

    In 1989 I moved to Petrópolis, after my older brother was insisting that I work with antiques and restoring old tube radios ..
I stayed in a Chalet two floors with 120 square meters which was soon crammed with rarities that electronic garimpávamos by Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro all.
We decided to create a museum and restoration workshop, domestic appliances in 1990 to that date, every day investíamos almost everything we earned on new pieces for the collection of the future Museum of Old Radio.
In 1996 after the death of my brother I kept continuing with our projectwhen, in 1998 shortly after my father died.
I spent some time with my mother in Rio and then took all the equipment purchased by my father and grandfather to the Chalet de Petrópolis.
In 2000 I was called to work in Projac-CGP, to research and customize the environments of the miniseries Watercolor of Brazil. directed by Jaime Monjardim .. Over time I realized that many stations were used to broadcast radio broadcasters in soaps and other products, I decided to invest in the restoration of equipment, or what was left of the radio Mayrink Veiga radio and part of the National
My mother was not in good health and had to return to live in Rio rented an empty school at Penha and put all equipment in the huge rooms and began to rebuild, one by one, increasing the collection and the number of options for epic productionsthat appeared in the TV Globo.
I spent years rebuilding, restoring and recovering the pieces of this collection which are now in perfect condition and are on permanent display and built to the collection of Cravo Albin Cultural Institute, so that new generations can admire and learn how they work stationsBroadcasting in the last century, the golden "Age of Radio" in our state and country.

Marcos Machado

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